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“Through this program I found love and freedom, peace within myself, compassion for all parts of me. Now, boundaries feel good, empowering, loving. I starting directing the love I’d over-give to others back towards myself. From there, everything else that’s unfolded has been incredibly beautiful. Thank you Maraliz for helping me find myself again.”

- Camille, NY | Medical

“Where were you when I started my business, Maraliz? I feel like I’ve gotten more accomplished for my business in this last hour than I have these past few years and you’re helping me see things differently. I am so glad I found you and I’m so excited to keep going!”

- Dior, NY | BIPOC Mental Health Activist

"I'd definitely be on anti-depressants again if I hadn't found Maraliz, especially since breaking my ankle and getting COVID. Instead of being depressed though, I now see all of these challenges as learning opportunities and I actually feel joyful through it! My friends don't even believe this type of peace is possible, but I'm living it, it's real!”

- Stephanie, PA | Tech

“The process Maraliz has created and guides you through is beautiful and empowering. It’s taken me from being my own worst enemy to being my own greatest cheerleader! Through learning to trust in myself I can better serve the world at large and so the spiral continues moving upwards.”

- Erin | Sound Artist

“If you want to completely change your life, personal and professional, book a call with Maraliz. She has taken her own journey through complete disability and turned it into a life of empowering others so that they can heal, create the opportunities they want for themselves, and walk through those doors into a new life of freedom no matter what they face.”

- Michelle | Health Insurance Agent

“I’ve been able to face my destructive tendencies, accept how my patterns have hurt me and am experimenting to expand my mental state. Maraliz truly and genuinely does care with all her heart. Just thank you. For your continued enthusiasm and ability to see the best in your clients.”

- Katie, PA | Culinary

“This has truly transformed my life and my lifestyle finally aligns with my values. I’m beyond grateful for Maraliz and for the strong and loving community I’ve become a part of through her program. Before working with her, I would constantly speak down to myself and suffered from severe and random panic/anxiety attacks. Now, I barely experience them. I show so much more compassion towards myself and I have the tools to stop the negative dialogue in my head. I’ve learned how to show up for myself and in that I’ve been able to form healthier relationships with those around me .”

- Gabriella | Psych + Business

“Shifting my relationship to pain and fear through this program has had a profound impact on my life. I’m now able to notice when I need more space or my overgiving conditioning starts taking over so I can address it. I am also very sensitive to stimulation, and Maraliz has taught me how to reframe the uncomfortable or unwanted realities around me so that I’m empowered to stay connected to my peace even in their presence.”

- Ambreen | Education

“Maraliz, you are like a bee pollinating flowers like me so that we can spread our gifts and make an impact in the world. I have found myself again! ’m no longer anxious about being anxious and I’ve stopped obsessing over my health. I don’t push myself until I hate work. Through this I’ve discovered my new purpose is to open a mindful school in Spain, and I’m able to build it without the stress I used to put myself through. I’m free.”

- Maria, NY/Spain | From Corporate NY to Mindful Education

“I highly recommend Maraliz! Not only did I learn how to structure my career in wellness, I also learned how to thrive and become fearless, to take charge of myself and my life and opportunities to level TF UP!!!!

Hands down the best thing I ever in my life was enroll in her program.”

- Samantha | Holistic Wellness

My language is so different now. Instead of using passive language, my words now empower others and myself. I can see more of my own self-sabotage and how I put myself into situations where I overgive, overstep my own boundaries, and focus more on the negative aspects of my life. Because of this, I have a renewed appreciation for my family and can now love them for who they are.”

- Sarah | Business Strategist


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